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The ENG U14 YNPL Championship Finals, a momentous occasion in youth sports, occurred at the esteemed Oxstalls Arena in Gloucester on May 11th & 12th. This event marked a significant milestone for numerous clubs, propelling them closer to the highly coveted YNPL Grand Finals.

Quarter Finals

The quarter-final games didn't have much drama in this event, with most of the winning teams breezing through their games. Trafford won convincingly against Magic, AP Saints the same against Little Sutton and Conquerors, who were making their debut at an ENG National event, swept aside Ellesmere Port to gain a quarter-final place. Wyre was the only side to male hard work of what looked like a routine win. After being 11-3 up at halftime and looking relatively comfortable, they allowed Shan back into the game in the third quarter. A buzzer shot brought the score back to only four points. The final quarter became very nervy for Wyre, who had to use their experience to stop Shan from getting closer to their lead, and they eventually hung on to record a four-point win and place in the semi-finals.


Trafford NC (26) Vs Magic NC (9)

Conquerors (37) Vs Ellesmere Port (18)

Wyre NC (20) Vs Shan NC (16)

AP Saints (21) Vs Little Sutton (12)


Some semi-finals you wish were finals, and the game between Conquerors and Trafford had that feeling. Conquerors started the game well and were up four after the first quarter. They continued to dominate the game and, at halftime, had a healthy lead and were looking good for a place in the final. But some research would tell you Trafford never gives up and usually comes to life in the second half of their games. With four minutes to go of the third quarter and six points down, Trafford staged an incredible fight back. Trafford defensively started to force Conquerors into mistakes, with feeds into their shooter becoming less accurate. Six points turned into three points, and now it was game on. After the pressure of the final four minutes of the third quarter, Conquerors ended the quarter with a goal at the buzzer. A long ball into the circle was deemed a foul on the shooter, and Conquerors was given a fortunate penalty to provide them with a four-point lead going into the final eight minutes. The final quarter saw Conquerors take back control of the game, reaching a score of 22-17 and that all-important six-point lead being re-established. Trafford, though, wasn't done and continued to push, and once again, they managed to stage a comeback that kept Conquerors on their toes. With minutes to go, Trafford got the score within a point, which was the closest they had been all game. With thirty seconds to go, they had to force a turnover, but Conquerors held onto the ball, draining the clock and securing a place in the final.

A low-scoring game saw AP Saints secure a place in the final against Wyre. AP Saints, who had just avoided relegation on the season's final game, managed to force Wyre into many unforced errors which saw Wyre never really getting going. AP Saints took their chances and had the opportunity to finish off their season in style.


Conquerors 22 Vs Trafford 21

AP Saints (17) Vs Wyre NC (12)


5th-8th Play-Off Results

Magic (21) Vs Ellesmere Port (13)

Little Sutton (20) Vs Shan NC (12)


7th-8th Play-Off

Shan NC (32) Vs Ellesmere Port (19)


5th-6th Play-Off

Magic NC (20) Vs Little Sutton (18)

3rd-4th Play-Off

Sometimes, 3rd-4th play-off games are anti-climaxes. After teams lose the semi-finals, they're asked to pick themselves up and go again for the 3rd-4th play-offs, but how much enthusiasm do they have for the game after being so close to the final? In this game, there was no sign of players licking their wounds, with both sides desperate to finish on a high. Trafford went into an early lead but threw it away as Wyre went into halftime a goal up. Wyre then went three points ahead going into the final quarter but knew this Trafford side had the capability of a comeback after they had done so in the league a few weeks prior. With three and half minutes to go and Wyre three points ahead, just like the Conqueror's game, Trafford managed to change gears to accelerate their performance levels. With one minute to go and the game a tie Trafford scored the goal to put them one ahead. 



Trafford NC (21) Vs Wyre NC (20)


It was a Conquerors and AP Saints final, and the last time these two teams met in the league, it was a one-sided win for Conquerors. The Essex-based side was looking to become the first team from their region to land an ENG national title, and in the way was AP Saints. Conquerors were the favourites to win this competition, with AP Saints finishing the season strong. What we hoped wouldn't be a repeat of their league encounter sadly was the case for us wanting an epic ending. Conquerors were too strong for the North London side, and they went on to become the YNPL U14 Championship Finals winners.


Conquerors (29) Vs AP Saints (16)

MVP: Alice Sweeting (Conquerors)

All-Stars: Feyi Ademuwagun (AP Saints), Rubie Kelly (Wyre NC), Ayla Laguda (Conquerors), Sara Louise (Little Sutton) Evie Johnstone (Shan NC), Frankie Wilks (Trafford NC), Chloe Tunnicliffe (Ellesmere Port), Anabelle Carter (Magic NC)

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