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Eagles NC won the ENG YNPL Grand Finals 2021 after a ruthless performance through-out the competition which ended with a win over the Northern Champions Saddleworth NC in the final. They became the first ever team to win this event and were fully deserved of the victory.

A packed audience were treated to an exceptional day of youth netball with the top eight teams coming together from our Northern & Southern leagues to see who would come out No.1 in the country. The event kicked off with the quarter finals ties which saw some unpredictable results.

Based on the teams league positions depended on what team they played and the first two games both saw the top two teams from the South crash out of the top four contention. The Southern Champions AP Saints NC lost to Wyre NC in a highly entertaining game 20-19, this was followed by Macclesfield NC overcoming Teignbridge Titans 17-15 to make it two wins for the Northern teams and they both proceeded to the semi finals. 

Next it was the turn of the top two in the North to see if they could avoid defeat to the 3rd & 4th place teams from the South. Saddleworth started nervously against a equally as nervous Ryland NC, but they managed to get the win 22-18. Chester NC took on Eagles NC and were not ready for the Eagles NC side who processed some of the tallest shooters in the competition and were defeated 21-10. The competition at this point was split into two sections with the winning teams fighting for the top 4 places and the losing teams competing for the 5th-8th place positions.


Chester NC after their tough opening game against Eagles NC recorded a good win over Ryland in a very close game and Teignbridge Titans got some revenge for their defeat to AP Saints NC in the league earlier in the season and both they and Chester proceeded to the 5th-6th play-off final. In the top four battle Wyre NC were presented with a tough challenge against Eagles NC who recorded the most convincing win of the previous round. The game was highly entertaining with Eagles starting the better but Wyre came back strong in the 3rd quarter to pile the pressure on the Berkshire side. In the 4th quarter Eagles NC came back strong and won the tie 24-20. Saddleworth in the other semi-final went against Macclesfield who they had only beaten by one point a few weeks back, but this time around Saddleworth gave themselves less stress and won the tie convincingly 29-18. 

We moved in the final games to decide the 5th-8th positions and in the 5th-6th play-off game Chester NC dispatched Teignbridge Titans with ease with a 25-6 win to claim a very honourable 5th place position. AP Saints NC took on Ryland NC in the 7th-8th play-off game and finally got a win with a 23-14 victory.

It was now time for the 3rd/4th play-off game and it was a belter with Macclesfield NC and Wyre NC playing out a fantastic entertaining game to keep the watching spectators on their feet through-out the 32 minute game. Both sides pushed each other goal for goal until the final seconds of the final quarter when Macclesfield NC got the winning goal and left Wyre with no time to respond.


In the final it was the Northern Champions Saddleworth NC against third from the South Eagles NC. What was expected to be a close final was dominated by Eagles NC who were dominant through-out the tie and won the tie 36-14 to become the first ever winners of this unique national netball league.

A massive thank you to everyone who supported the league through a very turbulent time for sport. Patient was definitely a must and in the end the league was a massive success and a great platform for these young netball stars to showcase their talent.


1st: Eagles NC

2nd: Saddleworth NC

3rd: Macclesfield NC

4th: Wyre NC

5th: Chester NC

6th: Teignbridge Titans

7th: AP Saints NC

8th: Ryland NC

MVP: Freya Geaney (Eagles NC)

All Star Team: Ava Patterson, Lottie Lawless, Isobel Ferguson, Lexi-Williams Davies, Ruby Broadhurst, Jessica Talbot, Ruby Davies

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