Last season ENG Sports UK along with several netball clubs launched the countries most competitive, exciting and rewarding youth netball league. The ENG YNPL was born to help clubs engage in high performance match play from the ages of 12yrs and above.

After the stop start nature of the 2020/21 season we managed to successfully complete the leagues and national finals and to say it was a huge success was putting it lightly. This league proved the appetite and enthusiasm is there to not only celebrate competition but the ability to build a professional environment around the league which included structures and marketing that has never been seen before not only in youth netball, but the entire youth sporting community in this country.

After the huge build ups towards our 2021 Grand Finals, it was Eagles NC & Turnford NC who came out on top and claimed the first ever national wins in this unique league concept.

That was then and now we move forward and prepare for the 2022 Grand Finals. This season the U12/U13 YNPL Grand Finals will be on April 30th and the U14 will be on May 8th. Both Grand Finals will be played at the WLV Sports Hub in Walsall, the same place which saw over 500 spectators watch the 2021 Grand Finals.

Remember it's the top 4 from watch league who will qualify for the 2022 Grand Finals so make sure you continually come and support your team through-out the season to give them the best chance of success.