The ENG YNPL Northern Conference finally got underway on December 12th. This league had been set to start in early November but because of the second national lockdown had to be postponed, but finally, ENG managed to conduct the first round of fixtures from our Northern Conference which also saw a record PPV audience watch the games due to spectators not being able to attend.

U12 Review

Grangetown NC 21 Vs Ellesmere Port Youth 20

A fantastic game to open up this league with the game being decided in the final seconds of the game. Ellesmere Port started the more brightly with them setting the tempo early on. With Grangetown NC struggling to get the ball into their goal shooter, Ellesmere Port when into half time 12-9 up. After the break, Grangetown NC had more success at getting the ball into their GS and they started to get back into the game and going into the final quarter was only one point behind. With the fitness of the players starting to play its part in the final quarter, it was Grangetown who managed to sneak in front with dying seconds to spare and claim a well-fought win.

Grangetown NC U11 14 Vs Saddleworth NC 48

A very tough opening game for Grangetown U11 who came up against one of the league favourites Saddleworth NC. In the first quarter, Saddleworth NC took advantage of their physical advantage and stormed into a 14-2 lead at the end of the first quarter. Grangetown was playing some good netball but their execution at the net denied them valuable points and Saddleworth continued to punish them for the errors they made. In the end, the result was in no doubt and Saddleworth recorded their first win in this league.

Chester NC A 24 Vs Chester NC B 10

Always difficult for both teams when you're playing against your own teammates. Chester NC A were the more competitive and went into a very commanding lead, with the score being 7-1 after the first quarter. Chester NC B were getting the ball down the court efficiantly enough but lack the killer pass to maximise the buid up play. As the game wore on Chester NC B did improve but it was to little to late and Chester NC A recorded their first win of the season.

Kingsway Power NC 46 Vs Wyre NC 14

If there was a game that showcased how important it is to mentally ready for a game it was definetly this one. Wyre NC were stunned in the first 5 minutes of this contest after Kingsway Power NC showed no sign of lockdown cobwebs after they started the game with a determination and competitive edge probably not witnessed so far in the opening round of this newly established league. The end of the first quarter couldn't end quick enough for Wyre NC and with the start of the second they settled down and started to match Kingsway Power NC. KWP though showed great skill and fitness levels through-out the tie, giving Wyre NC alot to ponder going into the next round of fixtures.


U13 Review


DNA Gold 33 Vs Saddleworth NC 26

A great opening game of this league and it was Saddleworth NC who started the game on the front foot finishing the first quarter 9-7 ahead. DNA though got their act together and started to stop the ball getting into the Saddleworth GS as often and that meant they went into half time 15-3 ahead. Saddleworth were not for giving up and led by Sophie their GA they managed to stay in reach going into the final quarter. The 4th quarter though saw DNA dominate and they finally put some distance between them and Saddleworth, winning 33-26.









YWCA Bury 20 Vs Ellesmere Port Youth 33

A solid performance from Ellesmere Port saw them overcome a YWCA Bury side who were ravaged by injury and players self isolating. The game started well with both sides matching each other with the score being 7-6 to EP Netball after the first quarter. Bury who had players from their U11 side were not showing any signs this level of netball was beyond them and continued to push EP Netball in the second quarter but the cracks were beginning to show as the game reached half time. After half time EP Netball stepped it up a gear and used their experience and superior fitness levels to dominate Bury who had done superbly well and go on and win the game in a comfotable fashion.



Wyre NC 30 Vs Grangetown NC 21

This game started with both teams determined to stamp their authority on the game and it was end to end stuff with both teams not giving a inch and the game was tied after the first quarter. The second quarter was more mistake prone with Wyre NC struggling to get the ball to their GS due to so many errors in the middle of the court. Grangetown NC had the chance to capitalise on Wyre NC not turning up in this quarter but their shot execution was below average and they missed a huge chance to go in at half time ahead by at least 4-6 goals. As the 3rd qusrter began and game still tied it was going to be a huge quarter for both sides. Wyre NC found their flow again and started to find the killer pass which opened up the shooting opportunities they missed in the previous quarter. With Grangetown still struggling to execute their shots Wyre took control of the game and won 30-21. 

Kingsway Power NC 26 Vs Chester NC A 25

The last game of the day and what a game this was going to be. Kingsway Power like their U12 side started fast and raced into a 10-5 lead with KWP GS Georgia Parkinson in good form in front of the net. With such a good start you would be forgiven in thinking this was going to be a routine victory for KWP but Chester NC showed character that is a must when playing high level competitive sport. In the second quarter Chester NC started to dominate KWP and matching them in every aspect of the game, but more importantly they were more competitive and the score was reflecting that with Chester going in at half time ahead. The 3rd quater continued the same for Chester and KWP were a shadown of themselves from what we saw in the 1st quarter. The Chester GS didn't look like missing and the confidence in the Chester side was pushing them towards the finishing line but a late resurgence in the 3rd quarter gave KWP hope of comeback in the final quarter. With the score 20-17 to Chester the focus was on KWP to see if they could turn the game around. They started the final quarter like they started the first, being on the front foot and starting to feed the ball into Georgia to execute the shots with a more ruthless edge. Chester were doing everything they could to resist the comeback and pivotal moment in the game saw Chester turn over the ball when they were a goal ahead but missing the shot with only minutes to spare. This moment heaped the pressure on Chester and KWP found that extra gear to go and win the game narrowly by a single point.