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Poole NC (Diamonds) won back to back Southern Conference titles after a superb win over rivals Turnford NC in their final game of the season. A game that has materialized into the stand out game in the youth netball world was backed up by the fact the PPV service offered by FBL Broadcasting had a record amount of buys. The game itself didn't disappoint and at the break the score was 15-15. In the third quarter, Poole showed a more professional attitude to get ahead and once they did made sure Turnford found no way back into the game.

History though has a habit of repeating itself and Turnford find themsleves in the same boat they did last season when they had lost to Poole to lose the title. They go into the Grand Finals knowing a win over Poole if they were to meet would mean alot more to them and that's what has to be the focus come May 8th. 


Poole on the other hand have a chance at the ultimate redemption after a defeat in the Grand Finals last season. Sometimes a loss humbles you, keeps you grounded and that has certainly been the case this season for the the South Coast side. With having to cope with injuries and trying to find as much competitive match play they can in a region that offers little competition, they have shown a focus that shows they can take adversity and bounce back. This season they once again were ruthless in their execution but were nearly handed their first ever defeat in the league by Eagles NC, which ended a draw and a first time a team has taken points off them. With Turnford NC finishing third in the league they will have to win this upcoming Grand Finals the hard way with a potential route to the championship title looking like they may have to win against Chester, Turnford and Kingsway Power.

The other clubs to qualify for the Grand Finals were Eagles NC, Turnford NC & CD Phoenix. Last season the South teams dominated the top 4 standings and could possibly be the case again this season. Eagles will play Ellesmere Port and they will be confident they will get revenge on the Merseyside based side after they lost to them last season's national final. Turnford will play either Grangetown or Kingsway Power in the quarter finals which will be a massive test for the current champions. Both Grangetown and Kingsway Power are not sides to take lightly and they will have to be on top of their game to navigate their initial quarter final tie. CD Phoenix like Turnford will be playing either Grangetown or Kingsway Power and they know a huge performance is needed to take down whoever they end up playing.

Big well done to Sascha Dale after she was nominated the MVP of the league this season. Sascha plays like an old pro with a netball intelligence way beyond her years. Whatever position she has been asked to play this season she has executed without complaint and with the upmost professionalism. In the final game against Turnford she knew she had to break the defensive line on her side's centre pass and did it so successfully that she was one of the main reason's Poole won the game so convincingly in the end.

All in all though another great season and we looking to seeing how it all ends on May 8th at the amazing Essex Sports Arena.

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