Grangetown NC U11 Vs Wyre NC - 11.30am

Saddleworth NC Vs Grangetown NC - 12.30pm

Ellesmere Port Youth Vs Oaksway NC - 2.30pm

Chester NC A Vs M& A NC - 4.30pm

Chester NC B Vs Kingsway Power - 5.30pm



Chester NC A Vs YWCA Bury - 9.30am

Chester NC B Vs Wyre NC - 10.30am

Ellesmere Port Youth Vs Grangetown NC - 1.30pm

Saddleworth NC Vs Kingston NC - 3.30pm

Kingsway Power Vs DNA Gold - 6.30pm

ENG YNPL - Northern Conference (Spectator Ticket)

Team Supporting
    • When booking please enter your name and it will be added to the register for when you arrive.
    • Please bring your own hand santitiser
    • Masks wearing is based on each persons individual circumstances and you will not challenged if you choose not to wear one for medical reasons.
    • Booking is final and no refunds will be given.
    • A 30p fee will be added to the cost of the ticket to cover charges our end.

ENG Youth Netball Premier League is owned by ENG Sports UK Limited

Company Number:

England & Wales 12833050