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After many months of organising the ENG YNPL is ready for lift-off. This youth netball league is going to be one of the most stand out leagues in the grassroots sporting world and an incredible platform for the clubs and players to feel the intensity and drama of the professional game.

We have 40 teams in four leagues ready to compete and below are the clubs who will be making history and starting the ball rolling on this league which will revolutionise how people see the grassroots game.

ENG YNPL U12 Northern Conference

Kingsway Power NC, Chester NC A, Grangetown U11, Ellesmere Port Youth, Durham Palatinates, Oaksway NC, Wyre NC, Saddleworth NC, Grangetown NC, M&A NC.

ENG YNPL U13 Northern Conference

Kingsway Power NC, Chester NC A, Chester NC B, Grangetown NC, Ellesmere Port Youth, Wyre NC, Saddleworth NC, YWCA Bury, Kingston NC, DNA NC

ENG YNPL U12 Southern Conference

Weston Park Blades, Little Sutton NC, Ryland NC, Matrix NC, Poole NC, Maulden NC, Teignbridge Titans, Abbey Flyers Nomads, Magic NC, Eagles NC

ENG YNPL U13 Northern Conference

Turnford NC, Starz NC, Hertford Hornets, Poole NC, Matrix NC, CD Phoenix, Eagles NC, Teignbridge Titans, Ryland NC, Sutton Town NC

The opening round of fixtures was due to start on November 7th but with England going into another lockdown this how now been delayed to December 5th.

If you would like to find out more about the competing teams and the upcoming fixtures please follow the link below for details.