The ENG YNPL Southern Conference Round 6 saw some incredible games and massive changes to the league tables. In the U12 league TTNC, AP Saints & Eagles moved a step closer to the grand finals, but their was a shock result with Ryland NC losing to the improved Poole NC. Turnford NC & Poole NC U13 are one win away from the Grand Finals after they played in some incredible games. The race for the top four has opened up with Eagles NC & CD Phoenix both losing and Herts Hornets, Matrix NC & Sutton Town all winning.

U12 Review

Matrix NC 23 Vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 11

Abbey Flyers Nomads started well against Matrix NC in this mid table battle. The Hertfordshire side took a 3-0 lead to shock the South Oxfordshire team, but Matrix NC stayed calm and slowly worked their way into the game and only were one goal down after Q1. In Q2 Matrix NC played with alot more intent and started to dominate the tie, with their shooters having alot more success finding the ball off the mid court players. As game moved into the latter stages Matrix NC were dominant and ended the game with a delightful long shot from their talented shooter.

Poole NC 21 Vs Ryland NC 20

This result has turned the top four race on it's head after Poole NC shocked Ryland NC. Ryland who were without their star centre Ruby Broadhurst started slowly against a Poole NC side who were in confident mood after their win over Matrix NC the week before. Poole took the lead, but once Ryland found their feet they bounced back and took a 5-3 lead going into Q2. In the second quarter everytime Ryland threatened to dominate the game, Poole NC responded and stayed in within touching distance of their rivals. The third quarter was very much the same as the first two, but this time Poole levelled the score 15-15 going into the final quarter. The final quarter was frantic and with minutes spare both sides missed opportunities to take the initiative. In the final minute the game was in Ryland's hands and they missed the opportunity to win the game and the initiative swung back in Poole's favour. With only fifteen seconds remaining Poole found their shooter who held her nerve and won the game for her side.

AP Saints NC 62 Vs Maulden NC 2

This tie was as one sided as any game we have had in this league with AP Saints NC focussing on their goal difference going into the games with TTNC & Eagles NC. 

Eagles NC 22 Vs Magic NC 11

A solid performance from Eagles who had to endure some pressure from Magic NC who are improving massively each week. Eagles NC won every quarter, but were made to work in each of them to get the win and leave themselves potentially one win away from the Grand Finals. Magic NC play Poole NC next in what will be a must win game for Sussex side.

U13 Review

Matrix NC 35 Vs Ryland NC 13

Good performance from Matrix NC who kept their top 4 hopes alive after this win over bottom placed Ryland NC. Matrix dominated from start to finish and condemned Ryland to another defeat in the league. 

Herts Hornets 29 Vs Starz NC 16

Herts Hornets NC moved within a point of the top 4 after a professional win over Starz NC. Both teams were evenly matched in the opening quarter with Hornets taking a 8-4 lead. In the second quarter Starz NC fell asleep and Hornets took full advantage scoring with ease and going in at half time 18-8 ahead. Starz NC did improve in the 3rd quarter and showed what their capable of, but it was too little too late and Hornets won the tie 29-16.

CD Phoenix NC 19 Vs Poole NC 28

This game had everything and was highly entertaining through-out. CD Phoenix came out all guns blazing and had Poole on the back foot, forcing turnovers and scoring without reply. At one point the score was 6-1 to CD Phoenix, but they missed the shot and allowed Poole to come back into the game. After such a confident start CD Phoenix were now looking nervous and this mentality is not good against the quality of a team like Poole, who capitalised and went ahead. The third quarter once again saw Poole pull ahead further with their shooters now in good form and CD Phoenix shooters the opposite. In the final quarter CD Phoenix finally found the form that gave them alot of success in the first quarter and reduced the score down to reflect the true nature of the game that was played out.

Turnford NC 31 Vs Eagles NC 20

Easily the game of the day in what was a physical encounter between these top four teams. Both teams started well and nobody could break each others centre pass with Turnford going in 8-7 up after the first quarter. In the second quarter both sides still were refusing to give up on their centre pass and the physicality of the game reflected exactly that. Eagles NC did turnover the ball several times in the second quarter but wastefully kept giving the ball back to their rivals. In Q3 the game finally saw a break in the score after Turnford finally capitalised on turning over Eagles procession and went into the final quarter 22-18 ahead. The final quarter saw Eagles run out of steam and the score in the end didn't really reflect how close this game truly was.