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Starz NC won the ENG U12 YNPL Southern Conference after a defeating AP Saint NC in their final game of the season to leap frog Turnford NC into first place and earn the right to play the fourth place team from the ENG U12 YNPL Northern Conference on April 30th at the ENG YNPL Grand Finals.

As a new club Starz NC came into this league with alot of hype on what they could achieve. As a team they're unbeaten in over 3yrs in their local leagues in London but now they wanted to prove their worth on a national level. ENG was the most viable avenue for them to test themselves against the best and they succeeded in backing up their early promise they would come out on top.

The season though wasn't all plain sailing with last gasp wins over Turnford & Sutton Town. These games showed a resilience all great teams need to succeed and this strength of character they process will be needed when they compete in the ENG Grand Finals on April 30th.

Joining Starz NC in the Grand Finals will be Turnford NC, Sutton Town & Eagles NC. All these teams will have tough challenges ahead due to the quality of the Northern League but a challenge all of them will relish and gain great experience from.


A big well done also to Penelope Griffin who was awarded the MVP of the season award. Not only did she show great technical ability through-out the season, she also showed incredible courage to change games and perform to a high standard when her team needed her most.

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