U12 Northern Conference

October 9th, 2021
Manchester Cycling Centre

Ellesmere Port Vs Wyre NC - 9am

Wilmslow Lighting A Vs Grangetown NC - 10am

Wilmslow Lighting B Vs Wyre NC - 11am

Ellesmere Port Vs Wilmslow Lighting A - 12pm

Wilmslow Lighting B Vs Grangetown NC - 1pm

Saddleworth NC Vs M&A NC - 2pm

Kingsway Power U12 Vs Kingsway Power U11- 3pm

Leeds Athletic NC Vs Saddleworth NC - 4pm

Kingsway Power U12 Vs M&A NC- 5pm

Kingsway Power U11 Vs Leeds Athletic NC - 6pm

November 13th, 2021
Wright Robinson Sports Centre, Manchester

Kingsway Power U12 Vs Wilmslow Lighting A - 9am

Wilmslow Lighting B Vs Kingsway Power U11 - 10am

Wyre NC Vs Kingsway Power NC U12 - 11am

Wilmslow Lighting A Vs Wilmslow Lighting B - 12pm

Wyre NC Vs Kingsway Power U11 - 1pm

Saddleworth NC Vs Grangetown NC - 2pm

Ellesmere Port Vs Leeds Athletic - 3pm

Chester NC Vs Grangetown NC - 4pm

Ellesmere Port Vs Saddleworth NC - 5pm

Leeds Athletic Vs Chester NC - 6pm

League Table 2021/22

  • Top 4 team progress to play-off finals

  • Bottom 2 teams will be relegated

  • If teams are level on points the team with the better GD will be placed in the higher position

  • 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw