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YNPL Player Registration

  • Player Registration

    Every year
    Player registration for the 2023/23 YNPL season.
    • The ability to play in the ENG YNPL 2023/24 season
    • 10% of selected services and products
    • Subscription to
  • Why do we have to register our child to play in the YNPL?
    Over the past seasons we have relied upon using other governing bodies databases to make sure players are registered to play for teams within league. This has proven problematic on certain occasions and by players registering to our league there will be no doubt to who plays for who within our competition, which will 100% guarantee the outcomes are authentic and fair.
  • Why do we have to pay for our child to play in the league?
    The cost of entering this league is extremely low for clubs compared to the overall cost of running the league. For nine games it works out around £28 per game or £33 per game for U15 teams. This works out per player for a average squad of 12 of £2.30p per game or £2.70p for U15 teams. We reduce the cost down to take the financial pressure off the clubs and then work extremely hard to encourage parents to attend to watch the games to help cover the rest of our costs which is a very risky and temperamental business plan. The league has surpassed our expectations in terms of engagement and cost and this will help not only to ensure the fairness of the league, but to help us to continue provide the service everyone is accustomed to.
  • What does the £12.99 go towards?
    Venue costs, matchday officials and event staff To help and improve officiating by way of courses and workshops Marketing Improving media services which include speeding up processes like uploading player interviews, highlight reels and a more engaging weekly Review Show Live streaming services and ensuring they can continue to stream our league through-out the season Administration costs Overall experience when attending our league games.
  • What benefits do we receive when registering?
    10% off selected products and services Membership to FBL Broadcasting that will allow you to re-watch all the games played in the YNPL through-out the season. (Doesn't include live games) Prior notice to book certain products and services
  • If my child plays for multiple age groups, do they have to register multiple times?
    No, one registration is needed. Players cannot play for multiple teams, but can play for multiple age groups within our league.
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